Energy Capital of the World

Houston is proudly known as the “Energy Capital of the World” for a reason – many of the world’s largest and most innovative energy companies call the city home. In the 1970s, Shell Oil Co. relocated its corporate headquarters to Houston, and since then it has been joined by hundreds of energy powerhouses.

Here are some impressive stats about Houston:

26th Largest Economy

If Houston were a country, we would have the world’s 26th largest economy - larger than Norway, Ireland, Israel, and Denmark.

Exploration And Production Firms

We serve as headquarters to more than 650 exploration and production firms.

Oil and Gas Companies

We are home to more than a quarter of the publicly traded oil and gas companies.

Foreign Trade

Our port is the #1 foreign trading port in the U.S. by tonnage.

Oil and Gas Jobs

Houston employs nearly ⅓ of the national jobs in oil and gas extraction.

Metro Engineers

Houston has the 3rd most engineers of any U.S. metro.